Preliminary report into 1st Fermoy YB

Sunday 21st August ;

Morning commenced at 05.00 hours the first call was made by the race contoller to Mr A Darragh Chairman at 06.23 hrs this was to ensure that Mr Darragh had the drivers up and the birds had water in front of them and that the strings were cut for an early liberation. Further calls to Mr Darragh during the morning were as follows , 07.22 hrs 07.27 hrs 07.35 hrs 08.05 hrs 08.50 hrs 09.03 hrs 09.29 hrs 09.30 hrs 09.38 hrs and 09.53 hrs. these calls are documented on BT usage account . Cork Airport was contacted at 07.37 re a possible release , Dublin airport was contacted at 07.45 re same. Cork Airport confirmed a very low cloud base at 500 feet wind S/West 5 knots and broken cloud at 800 feet . Dublin Airport reported S/West wind 15 knots cloud scattered at 500 feet and the main cloud base was at 1000 feet . Jimmy O`Hara Ulster Federation secretary was in contact at 07.10 , 07.14 , 07.19 ,07.34 , 07.56 and 08.34  no contact from the East  Down  Combine was made. The U F released at 07.30 hrs and the NIPA were due to release at 08.00 were informed by the U F that the E D C were planning to release at 08.15 hrs however they released at 07.45 hrs. The NIPA were due to have their release at 08.00 hrs however rain arrived before 08.00 and the release had to be postponed. The NIPA convoy are not on the same site as the U F or the E D C .

Poor conditions persisted at the release site until around 13.30 . The route had been cleared for a release at 12.35 however conditions at the release site had not improved, my contacts in the Galty Mts reported conditions were improving and remained good for the rest of the day , Mr T Austin was contacted at 08.58 , 09.20 , 10.47 , 12.21 , 12.37 , 12.59 , 13.26 , 13.47 , 13.58 and after release at 14.46 hrs.

Mr J Connolly was contacted at 10.09  , any of these 2 gentlemen are quite willing to speak with anyone regarding the weather conditions .

The route was checked by webcam at Trim which is south of Navan and this was showing sunshine , Dublin was showing blue skies and sunshine , Skerries showed the coast clear to the Newry Mts and the Mts clear , on the rainfall radar this showed a shower coming from the west however this went on to build to an unforeseen explosion of weather which covered Sligo, Cavan, Monaghan, Louth ,Fermanagh, Tyrone ,Armagh, Down and Part of Derry, and slowly moved N / East into County Antrim and out to sea.

At the time of release the cloud base had risen to 1800 feet with broken cloud at 5000 feet , the birds were released at 14.00 hrs I had a video of release on “periscope” videoed by the convoyer Mr P McNeice , the remainder of the day deteriorated into what we all experienced and a terribly disappointing race ensued.

The NIPA Committee are meeting on Tuesday 30th August to investigate this race and I`m certain a more detailed report will be issued .

This has been submitted by Fred Russell Secretary.

Anyone wishing to speak to the secretary in the office please feel free to make an appointment.

Saturday 27th August 2016

This weekend Saturday 27th august weather permitting the NIPA committee have decided by 21 votes to 6 to postpone Talbenny Y B National until Saturday 3rd September and race  from either Roscrea or Gowran Park  instead we will update tomorrow with confirmation of this weekends racepoint. This race will carry points towards any NIPA awards.

Therefore the remaining race points will be as follows ;

Saturday 3rd Sept Talbenny YB Nat & Roscrea comeback

Saturday 10th Sept Fermoy & Fermoy 5 Bird

Saturday 17th Sept Rosscarbery Y B Nat

Fermoy 21st August 2016 Libarated 2-00pm

The N.I.P.A. are in Fermoy for the sixth race of the young bird season, the birds have been liberated at 2-00pm in a light south wind. In the Dublin area the wind is coming from 220 degrees at 10 knots (South Westerly)the temperature is 18 degrees visibility 10 klms or greater. There will be showers on route so thank you very much for your patience and good luck to all.