This weeks race

would all club members please inform their local committee member as to where they wish this Saturdays race to be flown from this week is a MASS liberation and not area liberation as printed in your year books , then would all committee members please inform the Nipa Secretary .

J Hanson Committee Member for top half Sect A has voted for Tullamore

G McDowell K Kernohan Sect B have voted for Roscrea

G Robinson Carrick has voted  for Tullamore

D Mawhinney Sect E has voted Tullamore

B Seaton Sect C has voted Tullamore

P McLaughlin  D Simpson & J Ramsey Sect H have voted Tullamore

K Wilkinson Sect B has voted Tullamore

J Parr Sect E has voted Roscrea

J Vage Sect D has voted Tullamore

S McGarry Sect C has voted Tullamore

R Reid Sect C has voted Tullamore

B Smyth Sect F has voted Tullamore

A Hughes & A Houston Sect D have voted for Tullamore

K Henderson Sect E has voted Roscrea


keep your votes coming in please

Clonmel Report

the following is a report on Clonmel release on Sat 3rd May:

The race committee took the decision on Thursday night 1st May to racemark on Friday for a possible release in Clonmel on Saturday , this decision was put on the libline and the website.

The convoy arrived in Clonmel at 5.15 am.

The race controller made initial contact with the conveyer and assistant conveyer at 7.00 am at that stage the cloud base was too low to consider a release.

From 7 am the race controller Mr David Campbell liased with his contacts en route, Met Erin and the conveyers continually during the 11.30 a decision was taken to go for a 12 noon release, the conveyer had indicated the weather at release had improved to allow a liberation provided the route home was clear. the line of flight was rechecked and found to be flyable , strings were cut and it was left to the conveyers to release.

Pigeons were released at 12 noon in a light south west wind conditions were still favourable and the pigeons cleared well. Approximately 7/10 minutes after release a batch returned being pursued and attacked by 2 peregrines. There were no pigeons in the sky at 12.15 pm and the convoy remained on site until 1.45 pm and the weather had remained favourable. On the route home the convoy did not encounter any adverse weather until the outskirts of Dublin at around 4.30 pm.

It has been stated that some travellers were hanging around the release site there were three of them,everything possible was done to try to keep these travellers away from the convoy at release they dived into the birds and may have caught some we simply cant be sure.

We have examined the full video of the release and are in agreement that the release was in order. Independent fanciers from Southern Ireland were on site and reported back to fanciers in the north that they were completely satisfied with the release, and this can be verified.

All involved are extremely sorry and disappointed as to the outcome of this race.

Fred Russell secretary