Talbenny 30th Mat 2015

The NIPA will Race Mark on Thursday Night for  a possible release on Saturday from Talbenny  South Wales

The forecast for Saturday is South West Wind  with sunshine and cloud at the release point Ireland will be mainly cloudy

Next week`s races are Sennen Cove Classic and a comeback race from the South Coast of Ireland

Sennen Cove will be racemarked at centres next Thursday night and the Come back race pigeons will be collected on Friday at collection points  at normal centre collection times

Club results

Would all club race secretaries please submit their club results asap to allow us to complete your full result if emailing them would you please use a word document to allow ease of access for us to print it off, if required we can send you a result form for you to use via email.


Next weeks race is due to be flown from Corrin 6029 this new racepoint is just south of Fermoy and we are liberating there as we are unable to access the Irish army camp at Fermoy on this occasion as the range is being used for training purposes on that particular weekend . Would all clubs ensure that they have measurements for this racepoint and also ensure that they have measurements for the new Bude 6028 and also Portlaoise 6030 .


would all clubs please inform the NIPA of the number of crates in their possession I desperately need to re distribute crates as some clubs are really struggling to hamper all their entries . If you have any more than 2 spare crates not in use you will have to surrender these as I cant stress highly enough the need for these.

Tauris ETS

Would all users of the Tauris ets system please note that at present the NIPA will receive an appeal on the 15th april 2015 on behalf of all Tauris users. The NIPA will hear this appeal on the 6th May 2015 , as this appeal has already been lodged the Tauris system can be used until the appeal is heard, should this matter go to the RPRA ( irish region ) under appeal, this appeal will not be heard by the RPRA until October which means you will be free to use the Tauris system until the outcome of all / any appeals

Unikon 2015 Updates.

Unikon have advised that an update is ready

for 2015 season and is on their website in the downloads section.

                                          UNIKON – www.pigeon-ets.com

Please also were applicable change the batteries in the ring marker. 

Full instructions are also on the website in the downloads section.