Outstanding Trophies

These are the outstanding trophies that have not as yet been returned for engraving to be done for the Ladies Night Presentation these MUST be returned  IMMEDIATELY

Northern Bank Cup T McKinstry Harmony

Frazers Animal Feeds Cup A Fitzpatrick& A Hyde Gilford

J Campbell Memorial Cup J McGruggan & Son Doagh

E & J McCambley Cup J Robinson Edgarstown




Section Champion Old & Young Birds


Section A   G & S Smith         Cookstown       Cheq Cock     GB 14 C 01644

Section B   Thompson Bros    Crumlin            Blue Hen        GB 14 A 32757

Section C   M & T Griffith        Eastway           Blue Cock      GB  14 R 01398

Section D   P & J Boal            Dromore           Blue Hen        GB 15 D 21392

Section E   D Calvin                Bondhill            Blue Hen        GB 15 B 09724

Section F   J Hall & Son          Harmony           Dk Cheq Hen IHU 15 N 02584

Section G  J Smyth & Sons    Drumnavaddy    Blue Cock    GB 14 D 18764

Section H  A Kelly                   Omagh               Blue Hen     GB 14 R 31112

Young Bird

Section A   G & S Smith          Cookstown                             GB 16 C 09167

Section B   Thompson Bros    Crumlin               Blue Hen     GB 16 C 11426

Section C Gregg Bros & McCandless      Titanic      Blue Tip Cock NWHU 16 S 3819

Section D  I Gibb & Sons        Glenavy        Dk Cheq  Hen    GB 16 D 28863

Section E   N Weir                  Loughgall              Blue Hen    GB 16 X 61671

Section F   J Hall & Son         Harmony      Blue Cheq Cock  GB 16 H 18111

Section G   Donnelly Bros      Newry City   Blue Cheq Hen    GB 16 A 40708

Section H No Claims

Section Old , Young and Overall Fanciers of the year


Section A        G & S Smith         Cookstown          622 pts

Section B        A Darragh             Cullybackey        542 pts

Section C        J & D Braniff         Colin                   559 pts

Section D        P & J Boal             Dromore             604 pts

Section E         D Calvin               Bondhill              588 pts

Section F         J Hall & Son          Harmony           567 pts

Setion G          R Williamson         Newry & Dist     645 pts

Section H         A Kelly                  Omagh              488 pts


Section A          G & S Smith                            Cookstown        328 pts

Section B          Thompson Bros                      Crumlin              298 pts

Section C          Gregg Bros & McCandless     Ttitanic              280 pts

Section D          J Greenaway                          Dromore            293 pts

Section E           J Douglas & Son                   Lurgan               253 pts

Section F          C Hutchinson                          Comber             293 pts

Section G          Donnelly Bros                         Newry City        289 pts

Section H          J McCool                                 Limavady          258 pts


Section A          G & S Smith                            Cookstown        950 pts

Section B           A Darragh                              Cullybackey       676 pts

Section C          Gregg Bros & McCandless    Titanic                 661 pts

Section D          I Gibb & Sons                         Glenavy              850 pts

Section E          D Calvin                                  Bondhill              794 pts

Section F           J Hall & Son                           Harmony            825 pts

Section G         R Williamson                          Newry & Dist      921 pts

Section H No claims

Young Fancier of The Year

1st                   Delaney & McCambridge                     Harmony

R/Up                Ellie Marshall                                       Comber

any objections to the above in writing to the NIPA secty within 7 days

Roscarberry Y B National

The NIPA have released at 9.00am in Roscarberry enroute is clear and the wind in the release area is a light southwesterly changing to light south enroute.

would all fanciers please return any trophies in their possession to the office asap and forward any claims for NIPA awards within 14 days of todays race . Thank you