St Malo Update Saturday

As of 10 pm Saturday we have 119 confirmed arrivals from St Malo there are still 65 open prizes to be filled and the race is still open tomorrow as it is a 3 day race and not a 2 day race as stated in your year books , please note that the hours of Darkness are 11.03 pm to 04.40 am the 1st 10 are as follows ;

R Williamson Newry 1119

S & Y Kane Newry 1099

S & Y Kane Newry 1094

H Cordner Annaghmore 1078

M Witherspoon Larne 1044

Grattan Bros Eastway 1025

Capper Bros Bondhill 1025

R Williamson Bondhill 1018

K Carolan Coalisland 1016

A Darragh Cullybackey 1003

16th Open 1st Sect F C & L Fryers Dromara 976

63rd Open 1st Sect H D Booth Mourne 591

St Malo

The following are a list of the known arrivals from todays race from St Malo at 10.15 tonight Friday ;

R Williamson Newry Vel 1119

S Kane Newry Vel 1099 & Vel 1099

|G Topley Laurelvale Vel 1095

I McAllum Laurelvale Vel 1001

S Ogle Drumnavaddy  Vel 1003 Bronze award

K Carolan Coalisland  Vel 1016 Silver award

C & L Fryers Dromara Vel 976

Grattan Bros Eastway  7.17 pm

R Williamson Bondhill 7.16 pm

Capper Bros 7.13 pm

A Darragh Cullybackey after 8 pm

T Topping Lisburn Vel 992

J Waring Lisburn  Vel 1001 Bronze award

I Donaghy Derriaghy Vel 925

J Hall Harmony Vel 917

D Coulter Glenavy Vel 875

G Benson Vel 873

G Hawthorne Ballywalter 7.25 pm

M Witherspoon Larne 7.15 pm

K Murphy Coalisland Vel 890

The 3 hour centre rule will not apply tomorrow for checking clocks so please check with your centre official re run off times and for your information the hours of Darkness are 11.03 pm – 04.40 am

Congratulations to all who have clocked birds today



St Malo National Friday 24th June 2016 ( Liberated 6-15am )

The N.I.P.A. are in St. Malo for their National race, the birds have been liberated at 6-15am in blue sky and sunshine and no wind. In the Guernsey area the wind is west to south west  3 to 4 with broken cloud and sun shine, in the English channel the wind is west to south west force 4 to 5 occasionally 6 and that is the same as the Bristol channel. There is to be heavy showers in Ireland from midday on, so it is clear the whole way to the Irish coast. So good luck to all.   

St Malo 21st June 2016 (Tuesday Night Collection Times)

The following are the collection times for St Malo these birds will be collected at your centre listed here ;


Derry 5-00 pm , Coleraine 6.30 ,

Cullybackey 7.45 , Muckamore 9.00.

Doagh 6.30 , Larne  7.30 , Carrick 8.15 , Titanic 8.45 ,Ligoniel 9-15pm

 Coalisland 6.30pm ,Loughgall 7-15pm , Portadown 8-00 pm, Lurgan 8-45 pm,Lisburn 9.15pm Dromore 9-30pm, Newry 11-00pm

  Killyleagh 8-00pm

Would all committee members please note 14 birds per crate Cocks / Hens


The full result for Penzance can now be viewed in the NIPA race results section congratulations to Beggs & Hall of Larne on winning 1st Open